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NEW!!! CWR Tee Shirts

Our second T-shirt campaign is NOW OPEN! Order yours before the new cut-off day of 3/13/2018.

Here’s your chance to get yourself an awesome CWR tee shirt to help promote Retreat! Help us unite with our retreat sisters and to raise funds for retreat scholarships.

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  • Order your tee shirts now through Good Ink.
  • There are three styles available in multiple sizes and color options.
  • Your tee shirt will be shipped directly to you the week of 3/26/18.
  • The price is $25 per T-Shirt, which includes tax
  • There will also be a $ 5 shipping charge.
  • No shirts will be available at Retreat.
  • ALL profits will go towards the CWR Scholarship Fund!


$25 per T-Shirt

Including tax

plus $5 shipping