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Kathy Troccoli

Kathy Troccoli’s numerous accolades include 24 recordings, 18 number-one radio hits, 19 Dove Award nominations, 2 Dove Awards, and 3 Grammy nominations. In addition to her success in Christian music she has made quite an impact in the mainstream arena as well, scoring a #1 hit with Everything Changes as well as a top 10 single with the iconic Beach Boys, entitled I Can Hear Music.

Kathy is also a speaker, author, host, entrepreneur and designer. From serving on the mission fields of Africa, China, India and Central America, to sharing the stage for 10 years with Women of Faith–to hosting 19 years of rejuvenating and relaxing cruises, Kathy enjoys all aspects of using her gifts to entertain as well as embolden the spirit. She has also moved into the gift world with Life-Giving Art™–a combination of inspiring sentiments with masterful photography. Her newest offering is “KT’s Comfort Box”—filled with songs, sentiments and scriptures as she felt compelled to create the perfect gift for those who are hurting.

Kathy says of her life and always-evolving work–“I am doing exactly what I believe I was created to do.” And what is that? “To encourage, motivate, and offer hope. What a privilege.”

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Wendy Hagen

Valley resident Wendy Hagan is a spirited and gifted communicator whose wit, honesty, and passion for the Lord are evident whenever she speaks. She earned a degree in Communication Studies from UCLA, which did nothing to prepare her for her future endeavors . . . the motherhood. Thankfully, Wendy spent several years in Hollywood as a childhood actress, which allowed her to hone her entertaining skills, which are now sometimes appreciated by her three children ages 10, 12 and 14. Wendy recently joined the staff at Teen Esteem, a local non-profit that educates and empowers students, parents, and educators about the challenges young people face in our ever-changing youth culture.

Wendy is the author of Totally Desperate Mom: Keepin’ it Real in the Motherhood. Learn more about Wendy at, and


Andrea Coli

Andrea has been the emcee for the California Women’s Retreat for eight years. She has been described as “having the ability to transform a room into a fun atmosphere while tempering it with the Truth of God’s word”.  She uses her background in improv comedy and her vast biblical knowledge to inspire others to discover God’s unique call for their lives.  Having worked professionally in business, ministry and comedy she is able to connect with any audience member regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey.  Andrea is enthusiastic, inspirational and relatable.  Whether you are laughing, crying or a bit of both, her sense of humor will capture your attention and then lead you on a journey to the heart of the message.

Andrea is passionate about the church and has ministered to youth, women, couples, leaders and church staff across the country for the last 2 decades.  Having earned her Masters Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, her scriptural insights are both grounded and enlightening.   In 2003, she moved to Las Vegas and had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the cast of The Second City’s “Scriptless” an all-improvised show on the Vegas Strip.  Her years of improvisation have equipped her to connect with audiences from the moment she steps on stage.  And from that moment on, her listeners are in for a ride that is not easily forgotten as she challenges them to know God and His Truth in life transforming ways.

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Michelle Margiotta

Dr. Michelle Margiotta is a worship leader, singer and songwriter. She has a passion for shining God’s love through her music. Michelle has a Doctorate of Music in Composition. For two years Michelle served as the Assistant Music Director at Time Square Church in Manhattan, NY. The past six years Michelle has been the accompanist for international Christian music artist, Kathy Troccoli. Michelle co-wrote the latest Kathy Troccoli project, “Better Days”. Together they have been touring the United States and abroad.


Special Guests
Debbie Alsdorf & Joan Edwards Kay

Debbie Alsdorf’s mission is to help women live a better story—by leading them to the heart of God’s love and the truth of His word. Not a stranger to hard life, she has been trained through troubles to find the gift in every bitter cup. Shespeaks internationally and is a best-selling author, a biblical lay counselor, certified life coach and the founder of Design4Living ministries. The author of twelve books, her newest release, It’s Momplicated, offers healing and hope for women of all ages.


She and her husband Ray have been married 28 years and raised a blended family. Together they minister to marrieds, pre-marrieds and blended families.She likes long walks, anything with sand and sea, dancing in Zumba classes and a good chocolate donut. But her favorite thing of all is being a Grammy to their ten little loves, all under five years of age. Her cup, once empty, is overflowing with grace, hope and purpose. 


Joan Edwards Kay is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a passion for helping people thrive. The co author of “It’s Momplicated,” she believes joy comes from connection with others, with ourselves and with God.


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