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Carole Wolaver

Carole has been a potter for thirty-two years and taught ceramics for four of those years. Carole’s husband, Wayne, served as Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel in the San Fernando Valley for eleven years. Along with being a pastor’s wife, she was involved with children’s ministry and a monthly bible study for women.

Carole has been presenting “The Master’s Pieces” for the last twenty years. She has spoken at thousands of churches in the United States, Germany and Mexico and has made appearances on the Carol Lawrence Show on TBN and Lifestyles of the Rich in Christ Jesus.

All of Carole’s messages are dramatically presented from her potter’s wheel. The Master’s Pieces, her original presentation, is the entire story of the Potter and the Clay from the potter’s perspective; from beginning to end, from the pit to praise on how God molds and shapes our lives. Poured Out for Him is presented from the vessel’s perspective; how we see ourselves. She takes a look at four ordinary vessels and how they become extraordinary when touched by Jesus. The Making of a Vessel of Honor is a dramatic adaption of the book of Job told from the potter’s house. Her latest message, Hands to Worship, Hearts to Serve, Feet of Clay, is the story of Mary & Martha from Martha’s perspective.

Her unique style of storytelling mixed with her skill at the potter’s wheel brings scripture to life in a very visual way. Carole’s teachings are drawn from her own time in God’s Word and her experience of being clay in the gentle hands of the Father, The Master Potter, experiencing the molding on the wheel, the fire of the kiln, and the joy of being His.

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Allison Allen

Allison Allen has spent a life-time joyfully walking in the shoes of others. After spending twenty years as an actor and teacher, it’s been her honor to perform on Broadway for 650 performances in the revival “Grease”, as well as traveling and ministering with Women of Faith for three years in arenas around the country. Currently, there is nothing she enjoys more than teaching at conferences, and watching “from the wings” as God brings his daughters more fully to life.

She is over-the-moon that her first nationally published book,”Shine” is here. She is the wife of worship pastor Jonathan Allen, and is the proud mother of Levi, fourteen, and Luke, five years.  She’d love to stay connected with you as a fellow sojourner, so please feel free to sign up for her free Shine On devotional, as well as checking out her other resources at her table afterward.  For now, her hope is that you will encounter the lover of your soul in surprising ways.


Andrea Coli

Andrea is passionate about her faith and has ministered to youth, women, couples, leaders and church staff across the country for the last 2 decades.  Having earned her Masters Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, her scriptural insights are both grounded and enlightening.   In 2003, she moved to Las Vegas and had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the cast of an all-improvised show.  She wrote a book all about it called “Scriptless: What I Learned About God on the Las Vegas Strip.” Having worked professionally in business, ministry and comedy she is able to connect with any audience member regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey. Andrea partners in ministry with her husband Chris, who is Senior Pastor of CrossWinds Church.  She is a member of the teaching team and leads in the Creative Arts Ministry.  Chris and Andrea live in Livermore with their two daughters.

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With a message that touches the heart and a singing voice that inspires, CHAYA tells of the greatness of God’s mercy and grace. She has experienced His love, forgiveness, and healing in a most powerful way, and longs for everyone she comes in contact with to have that same experience. She reaches all ages with her personal story that tells of a wonderfully happy childhood that was shattered when she entered her early teens. She speaks candidly about how she chose the path of bitterness and anger instead of softening her heart. She tells of the road back to wholeness through Jesus Christ, and is living proof that with a life sold out to the Lord, there is hope and triumph in the midst of tremendous heartbreak.

CHAYA has been privileged to lead worship at many churches, and is often asked to return multiple times. Her reputation precedes her, as she is known as being very flexible and a pleasure to work with. Her piano style is similar to well-known worship leader/recording artist Jason Upton. Her voice has been compared to that of jazz singer, Diana Krall and soul/R&B sensation, Joss Stone. Having written much of the music that she performs, she is able to reach from her heart directly into the hearts of her listeners.

She is in demand as a speaker/singer for women’s events, conferences, retreats, Christmas Programs, and church services. She has opened for the popular duo, Shane and Shane, and performed in venues with people such as Rebecca St. James, and Fernando Ortega. She has four CD’s out, with the latest album, ‘Mood for love’, produced by Ralph Stover, who has worked with MANY talented musicians!

Whether CHAYA is ministering to a small group, or to thousands, there is an astounding feeling of intimacy. Since giving her life to Jesus Christ, she knows that whatever the setting, it’s where the Lord has placed her. People seem drawn to come up to her and tell her that the words she spoke or sang cut directly to their heart. She says that this is what makes her ministry exciting and worthwhile, and it confirms that this is what God has called her to.

Chaya’s husband, Rick, is a worship and sports pastor at their church in Chico CA. They have been married 15 years and have four beautiful children.

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