Serving all women with the Good News of Christ since 1981


We’ve been blessed by these wonderful people throughout the years and wanted to recognize them for their service.

Amy Roth1985, 1988, 1990, 1996
Angie and Roland Betts2006
Barb Miller2008
Carla Karst1995, 1998, 2005
Chaya Pitcher2013, 2018
Danniebelle Hall1987
David Talbott1991
Dee Pipes1982
Deneen Turner1999, 2003
Dick and Mel Tunney2000
Elizabeth Hunnicutt2015
Frances Drost2010
Ginger Millermon2014
Grassi Brothers1992
Irene Trapp1993, 1994
Jenifer Thigpen2011
Joan Gandell1993
Laurie Kinsella2004
Lillie Knauls1983
Linda Moore1992
Mary Giger1991
Mary Naegeli1989
Michelle Margiotta2019
Nancy Groeneveld2017
Nancy Strand1986
Nia Allen2016
Northgate Madrigals1982
Ron Westgate1986
Salcedo Sisters2001
Shannon  Wexelberg2007
Sonnie Tandeberg1997
Susan Abetti1984
Sylvia Lange2009
Tapestry Band 2012
Tyrone Lacey1988, 1990
Walt and Marci Pelot2002
Wilma Pickrell1981